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Swedish Massage course

The most common type of massage therapy, Swedish massage helps to relax the entire body while increasing blood oxygen levels and improving circulation.

This technique is ideal if you have never had a massage before, as it can be done gently.
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Cluster Eyelashes Extension                    course

Cluster eyelashes extension is one of the most popular type of eyelashes extension. It helps to define the shape of the face and makes you look radiant. 

At The Massage and Beauty College we provide short courses on how to do a perfect cluster eyelashes extension
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Reflexology course

Based on an ancient form of massage therapy, reflexology stimulates specific pressure points on your legs and feet, relieving tension and restoring a smooth energy flow throughout the body.

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Latest News

 More Beauty Courses to commence in 2018

Prenatal Massage Course

We are proud to introduce our new prenatal massage course, which relaxes tense muscles and relieves back pain that is common during pregnancy. The course will commence in 2018
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